Love is a Grift

LOVE IS A GRIFT — ‘This is modern, fast-paced, hard-hitting neo-noir doing exactly what it’s supposed to do and doing it remarkably well.’ ~ S. Naomi Scott

‘Graham Wynd has written a superb noir tale involving a dash across Europe, a femme fatale, death and obviously, more. Once you’re in, you get sucked in deeper.’ ~ Paul Matts

‘Graham Wynd’s Love Is A Grift is a lethal cocktail of noir short stories liberally spiked with a dark and delicious wit and is highly recommended.’ ~ Punk Noir Magazine


★★★★★ ‘…a smart, witty and marvelously well written slice of pulp fiction. Full of great lines and clever asides, Satan’s Sorority is another winner from Number Thirteen Press.’

★★★★★‘Sometimes when I read a book I find a single line sums it up perfectly. The poets often claimed that death wore a mask, but they never said it wore a sorority pin. Not yet anyway.’

Tony Lane, Tony’s ThoughtsSatan's Sorority by Graham Wynd

★★★★★ ‘Extricate blends forbidden passion and noir so seamlessly, it’s remarkable. Wynd has a very strong voice, and the prose just floats you through the story. I’m always looking for great stories that come from great writing, and Graham Wynd is someone I’m going to look out for in the future.’

Liam Sweeny, author of Dead Man’s Switch

extricate ebook 72ppi★★★★★ ‘EXTRICATE is a twisty-turny noir tale of dishonor amongst thieves that is skewered with hot lust and cold blooded murder.’

Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton and A Case of Noir

★★★★★ ‘Crime meets erotica in a fevered novella. Graham Wynd has written a fluid and tight story with vivid characters in situations that are inextricably charged with a sexuality from which you will find it hard to extricate yourself.’

Richard Godwin, author of One Lost Summer, Apostle Rising and Mr Glamour

★★★★ ‘A fantastic tale of friendship and deceit, interspersed with sex, drink, cards, a loveless marriage, dodgy dealings, but mainly sex as Peter’s obsession and addiction to his best friend’s girl leads him down a dangerous path.’

Col’s Criminal Library