Out Now: À la Mort Subite

New noir!

K. A. Laity

A la Mort Subite

Out now from Lite Editions, it’s my latest noir tale À la Mort Subite which is the beginning of a serial story about a hit man and a femme fatale; things don’t go quite as planned for the Englishman abroad in the city that has the finest beers in the world. Not only do we get a visit to the titular café, but there’s a trip to the ‘futuristic’ Atomium.

Here’s a snippet:

As first impressions go, it was better than he expected. While the city had that slightly miniature, old timey look that he expected all the continent shared, it seemed a lot nicer and more modern too. Probably his swank arrival in the Eurostar helped that. Even old Paddington Station had smarted up since the last time he took a train out.

Of course he had been bound for Leicester to see Adele then; the good old…

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