NaNoWriMo Begins

How to Keep WritingIf you have ever had any interest in writing, you have probably heard of NaNoWriMo, or [Inter]National Novel Writing Month. I haven’t actually done it before though I did take part in the Three Day Novel Writing contest and have actually written a novel in less than 10 days (which one? I’ll never tell).

November is seldom a good time for a project like this in my world, as I’m usually trying to juggle deadlines and grading with the swiftly disappearing semester. But I have a little more breathing room than usual, so I selected one of my upcoming projects to give a whirl on the NaNo timeline.

If you’re NaNo-ing, too, join up with me as a writing buddy or track progress on Kit Marlowe‘s Knight of the White Hart.

Give it a go. If you need to figure out how to steal more time — as I do when I’m not on sabbatical — try my book, How to Keep Writing with a Full Time Job as it has a lot of techniques that have worked for me and generally encouraging things you might want to hear as you undertake this kind of project. Remember, anything you write is progress even if you don’t make the full target count.

Every little bit adds up — and creating is always worthwhile.