Something Noir in the Air

2014 is looking noir.

K. A. Laity

FB Cover Noir

I suspect that 2014 is going to have a distinctively noir feel:

First, there’s still a chance to get stories by the DRUNK ON THE MOON crew for free! Hustle on over and pick up any Roman Dalton you’ve missed and of course, be sure to leave ratings and reviews (you’re getting them free, c’mon! It’s the least you could do — plus my reviews for It’s a Curse didn’t carry over from the old edition so sob totally rock! Thanks for fixing that, Mr B.)

extricate ebook 72ppi

There’s the imminent release of Graham Wynd‘s Extricatenovella from Fox Spirit Books. Graham’s brief noir tale, “Headless in Bury” will appear in the forthcoming Fox Pockets anthology, Missing Monarchs. Just to get you slavering for the novella, here’s my generous pull quotes:

‘EXTRICATE is a twisty-turny noir tale of dishonor amongst thieves that is skewered with hot lust and…

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