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Extricate AnimatedA few things out and about just now:

Over at the fabulous Mr B’s gaff, I blether about Viking Wrestling.

Not manly enough for you? Egil was also a world-class wrestler. No, they didn’t actually have titles back then, but trust me. You didn’t mess with Egil: he was the grandson of a werewolf and killed a boy with an axe when he was only seven. Egil rocks.

Over at Margrét Helgadóttir’s blog, I talk about noir and the inspiration behind Extricate:

Like my favorite noir stories, Extricate is about people who don’t see the options and make bad choices. Desire short circuits careful consideration: when your desire for something outweighs any sensible decisions. In this novella, Peter falls for Judy the instant he lights her cigarette, but she’s his best mate’s girl — and he’s already married. He decides to begin removing obstacles — starting with his wife.

And the first reviews are coming along at Amazon and they’re swell:

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  1. Very nice interview with Margrét! Nice to learn a little about the author of Extricate.

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