Review: Meaningful Conversations by Richard Godwin

If JG Ballard and Angela Carter played a game of Chinese Whispers with Anaïs Nin and William Burroughs, it might end up something like Richard Godwin‘s latest release — a wild and surreal ride that veers from cold horror to steamy kink and offers a unique satire of modern life in bizarre form. Whatever you want to call it, you won’t put it down until you finish it.

Meaningful Conversations out soon from Noir Nation manages to surprise not only because it openly defies any acknowledgement of genre conventions but also because it still uses our expectations to lead us up to the wrong doors and then fling them open, leaving us startled.

Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, I was wrong.

This is satire of the most biting variety, a cold dissection of modern, privileged people coddled by their privileges — remote, unfeeling except for their own minor sufferings, greedy and callous. If that sounds too rough, consider also that Godwin’s dry wit makes the lacerations — if not enjoyable — vastly entertaining and absolutely riveting. And like no other book he’s written. I love surprises, even when they are as cruel as this one sometimes can be — mad, bad and dangerous.

Just how it ought to be.

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