Out Now: Paranoia and the Destiny Programme by Richard Godwin

The Dark Lord returns!

Godwin has his finger on the pulse of modern male anxiety, which both desires and distrusts the lure of sex while it longs for the release of wild violence. His greatest fear is that he will become what he most hates. Imagine Angela Carter’s New Eve developing Cronenberg’s body horror as the whole world spirals into Philip K. Dick’s psychotic abyss and you might be able to picture the weird adventure Godwin drags you into here. You will never be the same.


‘I see no butterfly wings in the Rorschach test, but a mountain of bones.’ So says Dale Helix, who is convinced he is being abducted by a shadowy group of rulers called The Assembly. He claims they have programmed him to kill. International novelist Richard Godwin’s latest title is set in a dystopian city, and is an exploration of totalitarianism, paranoia and social engineering in a society where it is impossible to gauge the truth. The aim of the programme is to study the link between serial killers and dictators in order to clone the ideal dictator. And the Assembly are engineering a new gender. Is Dale insane or is his paranoia a key to a hidden truth?

Out now from Black Jackal Books.