Rogue: Tess Makovesky

Next Rogue up — why it’s Drag Noir star Tess Makovesky.

1. Who’s your Rogue?

It was time to take protection away from the protection racket. It was time to protect the victims from the Monk.” The hero in ‘Singing From the Same Sheet’ is nameless, faceless, part of the scenery. The people around him depend on him to help with their day to day woes, but barely notice him otherwise. He has a few surprises up his sleeve, though, particularly when it comes to an unpleasant local crime boss called The Monk. But just what does separate the good from the bad? Perhaps not as much as you might think…
2. What crime would you really want to get away with?

There are times, when the government is doing what governments do best, when a modern take on the Gunpowder Plot springs to mind…
3. What author can’t you do without?

Too many to mention since I’ll happily devour books by almost anyone if they capture my interest. However current favourites include Ann Cleeves, Peter May, Joanne Harris and Joanna Trollope. I love Cleeves’ invention of Vera Stanhope: she’s bossy, impatient, often rude, but warm-hearted and so true to life.
4. What movie best captures the criminal life?

Some of the low budget British films by the likes of BBC Films or Film Four are pretty good at that. Something like Mona Lisa, which perfectly sums up the pointlessness and tedium of a lot of crime, or The Bank Job, or for a more modern take on gang culture amongst the younger generation, My Brother the Devil.
5. Are you a criminal mastermind or just a mild-mannered dreamer?

I’m sure that in a past life Tess was an assassin who wore a slinky red dress, smoked cigarettes with the filter cut off, and hid stiletto blades in her stiletto heels. So, is that still the case? Well, I could tell you, but then I’d have to drown you in a vat of vodka…




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