Rogue: Bill Baber

Near to the Knuckle presents the latest Rogue: Bill Baber!

  • Who’s your Rogue?

Jimmy “The Douche” Scalzinni is a neighborhood guy from Hoboken with a gambling problem that has cost him everything. He makes one final wager where the stakes are high and losing will cost him his life. The odds are long but Jimmy likes his chances.

  • What crime would you really want to get away with?

I am terrified by the thought of spending even a single night behind bars so if I were ever to find myself in jail I would want to pull off a well planned escape.

  • What author can’t you do without?

As far as crime fiction, James Crumley, in my opinion, no one did it better. James Lee Burke is right up there and Ken Bruen opened my eyes to British crime fiction. So many others- Tom Pitts, Joe Clifford, Mike Monson, Rob Pierce, Chris DeWildt- the list goes on and on. And there are some amazing writers in this anthology. But if I were stuck on a desert Island? John Steinbeck.

  • What movie best captures the criminal life?

One of my favorites is an old Mickey Rourke film called “The Pope of Greenwich Village.” And I love old Bogart and Cagney gangster movies.

  • Are you a criminal mastermind or just a mild-mannered dreamer?

Definitely a dreamer but when I’m dreaming up story ideas there is nothing mild-mannered about it.

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