Rogue: Craig Furchtenicht

  1. Who’s your Rogue?

The Brat Snatcher is a twisted little tale about a guy who scratches out a living by terrorizing delinquent children back to the straight and narrow. Sort of like a street level Dr. Phil, if you will. The fact that the parents of his victims pay for his services only helps him justify his choice in professions. He thoroughly enjoys the brutal aspect of his job and loses not a single wink of sleep when things get out of hand. His one redeeming quality is unveiled as the story winds down and we get to see that even the most sadistic bastard has a little compassion locked away inside them somewhere.

  1. What crime do you really want to get away with?

If they were giving out free passes for crimes of my choice, I would go with assault by shopping cart. The old lady at the checkout line with a fistful of coupons, ten rolls of pennies and way more time on her hands than I have patience for. I would take out more screaming children and annoying A-holes with cell phones than Frankenstein on Death Race 2000. It would be sweet.

  1. What author can’t you live without?

A few years ago I would have said Chuck Palahniuk, because his stuff is truly phenomenal. These days most of my reading material comes by way of the indie scene. The words crafted by my fellow Rogues as well as many other independent writers have stuck with me in a way that traditionally published books cannot.

  1. What movie best captures the criminal life?

I would have to say that Natural Born Killers pretty much sums up the criminal way of life. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day in the boots of Mickey or Mallory Knox?

  1. Are you a criminal mastermind or a mild-mannered dreamer?

On paper I am a master manipulator with a knack for bringing my devious plans to fruition. In reality I would probably get caught before I even stepped out of the house.

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