Rogue: Benedict J. Jones

Pennies cover1. Who’s your Rogue?
“Old Times” is the story of Danny, a petty criminal from south London who steps into the bigger leagues to fund his American dream. This dream turns to a nightmare on the back roads of Colorado as the winter closes in and we get to see that being a bit of a rogue isn’t the worst thing in the world – there are much worse lurking out there…

2. What crime would you really want to get away with?
Well, a big bag full of used bank notes would be nice.

3. What author can’t you do without?
There are a few but some of those I find myself going back to time and time again are; Jim Thompson, David Peace, Chester Himes, Phillip Kerr and Cormac McCarthy.

4. What movie best captures criminal life?
For me it is films like “The Friends of Eddie Coyle”, “Mona Lisa” and the like that portray the grimy low-level stuff. A lot of crime movies depict the criminal life at the higher echelons, “The Godfather” etcetera, and that’s fine but I like to see crime depicted at its most base.

5. Are you a criminal mastermind or just a mild mannered dreamer?
Oh, mild mannered dreamer – but then a criminal mastermind would probably say that, wouldn’t he?

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