Rogue: Matt Mattila

I think he may be the youngest in the bunch, but Matt Mattila has proved plenty tough.

1.Who’s your rogue?

Take the outcast boys you didn’t talk to in high school, put them out on cordoned-off city streets late one night in the middle of the largest protests in the past decade, throw in a little betrayal and brotherhood and four bullets and a thousand dollars in loot from the pawn shop they just broke into, and you’ve got “The Straggler and the Yes-Man.”

2. What crime would you really want to get away with?

I’d wanna get away with a straight-up cash robbery-not a diamond heist, not an art theft like some stuffy asshole, because the whole complex operation would be pretty useless if I couldn’t sell the stolen shit, right? In a cash robbery, I’ve already got the money. Easier done than said.

3. What author can’t you do without?

From writers still living, there’s too many to count, and I don’t want to leave names out, so I won’t namedrop anybody. From dead ones: Jim Thompson, David Goodis, Faulkner (bit of a stereotype, I know), just to name a few.

4. What movie best captures the criminal life?

“Pulp Fiction” captured the absolute unpredictable chaos of the criminal world, “The Town” brought psychology and regret to the table, “Gun Crazy” brought suspense and originality and is probably the finest noir flick I’ve ever seen. “Goodfellas” has been on for the past two hours and I have no idea why I’m still pretending to watch it, so it must be good.

5. Are you a criminal mastermind or just a mild-mannered dreamer?

To be a criminal mastermind and also to be a writer, you have to be as much a planner as you are a dreamer. Who you calling “mild-mannered”?


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