Rogue in Print!

Rogue Bonkers in PhoenixHey kids! Near to the Knuckle’s Rogue collection is out in paperback now for those of you not into the whole digital business. Get 22 knuckle-dusting tales that will knock the stuffing out of you:

The book you’re holding in your hands, flipping across your screen or pirating, is a bold statement by a group of authors who are committed to controlling their own literary destinies. To representing themselves and their stories the way they want to. To producing quality literature without constraints, or middle-management foibles, or decisions based on what will appeal to this demographic or best reflect that group. To give you raw, uncompromising stories from the depths of their filthy imaginations. More punk than Cowell-esque candy pop, this collection captures a group of writers, writing in a spectacularly diverse myriad of styles at the very top of their game. You can feel the enthusiasm for the project and the license they’ve been given to indulge themselves laser from the page. These men and women, these Indie-writers, have jabbed a metaphorical mid-digit at an industry too enamoured with money and derivative diluted-down novels, and collected into this astounding anthology a hurricane of unique and distinct voices, deliciously, grubby, violent and uncompromising in each of their contributions. No money-men, no committees, just the desire, the skill and the talent to bring you a collection of depraved, emotionally-draining, twisted and deliciously funny tales from their black hearts.

Get it Amazon UK or US (or all the other ones, too).

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