Now Reading: Satanic Panic

I helped fund this volume and it’s chock full of all kinds of material. Though mainly US-centric it hops the pond to for a chapter on the UK version intertwined with the hand-wringing over the video nasties and how Genesis P-Orridge was driven out of the country for a time, as well as heading down to Australia to look at the career of artist Rosaleen Norton.
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It’ll be handy for musing about the sequel to Satan’s Sorority!

2 thoughts on “Now Reading: Satanic Panic

  1. Ah! I’ve read the (very useful) book of the same title that was published around the time, but I hadn’t heard of this new one. I must keep an eye out for it.

    1. There was a kickstarter thing for it and a pal is in it, so I got in on the ground floor. Nicely illo’d.

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