Guest Blog: Devils on Every Side by Graham Wynd

I’m over at Mr B’s today banging on about devilishly fun films.


satan's sororityMost of the time when I think of the 70s I think of it as the most horrible time to be kicking around. Bad hair, bad clothes, arena rock and disco—at least until punk came along and kicked it all to the curb for a while. But then I remember cool things like glam and the Velvets and the Stooges—and a lot of terrific spooky movies, full of ambiguous and often downbeat endings. These are the movies in the back of my head that played while I was writing Satan’s Sorority.

Of course the big mama of devil horror is The Exorcist. It’s holds up as a fascinating film, though a lot of the horror these days for folks is seeing a child go through horrendous medical tests with doctors who are just speculating. While it’s not quite the classic 1968’s Rosemary’s Baby is, it made more than…

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