Graham Wynd Interview

Thanks to Dorset Book Detective for interviewing me about noir and writing.

The Dorset Book Detective

Graham Wynd authorAnother excellent interview for you, this time courtesy of the wonderful Graham Wynd, who talks about inspiration, writing styles and the essence of noir fiction.

Tell me about how you came to define your writing style. What drew you towards darker fiction?

I really couldn’t say! I’ve just always been drawn to dark things, horror and ghosts, even as a kid. I loved scary stories. My little brother and I used to always have this book out of the library called Shrieks at Midnight which was just macabre poetry. I used to write a lot of horror but then I slowly drifted into noir and crime because I loved the style.

What is your background in writing and how did you get in to writing gritty crime fiction?

I’ve always written a wide variety of things, fiction and non-fiction. As an academic I study rather esoteric things (medieval magic for…

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