Flash Fiction: The Oven

I’ve got a very short, all-dialogue story over at Gary Duncan’s Spelk Fiction called ‘The Oven’. It was inspired by a conversation I had with Mark’s dad. On Sundays we all go to granddad’s for the afternoon. Mark goes to pick up the kids from their mum and I mosey over later. It’s always a good time to let my mind ramble over whatever I’m working on. Often I run into Charlie out walking Bella when he’s dogsitting. It gives the kids a chance to eat their dinner without having to fend her off (though she be but little, she is fiercely determined to get those chicken bites). Sometimes we sit on the low wall at Glenprosen Terrace and he tells me stories of old Dundee. I took one of his anecdotes off in another direction and it became this story.

The Oven at Spelk Fiction: check out all the stories. There’s some grand folk there.


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