Review: Satan’s Sorority by Graham Wynd from Fahrenheit Thirteen

Fantastic review of SATAN’S SORORITY!

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Soroity CoverReads like the very best of classic 50s and 60s horror. It’s a Hammer movie on the page. Not for the faint hearted. At times pure filth, in the best possible way.

Satan’s Sorority is a short sharp read. Like the classic Hammer horror that is clearly an influence, it’s a great story told with brutal efficiency but that nonetheless lingers in the mind.

A mash up of horror and crime, the story follows Sandra Delites who is sent to college by a prurient father to ‘straighten’ her out. That doesn’t quite go to plan, or not Sandra’s fathers plan anyway. A lesbian occult sorority isn’t exactly what 1950s America would define as homely. Sigma Tau Nu is however the setting for a fast paced pulpy story, full of sex and violence.

Graham Wynd has…

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