#Fahrenbruary Guest Post: Graham Wynd – author of Satan’s Sorority (pub @F13Noir) @GrahamWynd @FahrenheitPress

My guest post over at the swell Beardy Book Blogger! Go show him the love.

The Beardy Book Blogger

Hello and welcome to my hairy blog. It is Day 17 of #Fahrenbruary.

Today I bring to you a guest post by none other than Graham Wynd, author of the devilishly gruesome and naughty novella, Satan’s Sorority. This is a fantastic story of sorority house, Sigma Tau Nu, and of the Satanically murderous antics of the girls who dwell there. You can find my repost of Matt Keyes excellent review HERE.

When I asked Graham to write me a guest post for Fahrenbruary he immediately agreed. Graham also kindly answered some questions for me and they will appear tomorrow on Day 18 😁

So sit back, chalk a pentagram upon the floor, speak in tongues and sacrifice the icon of your choosing, then cast your eyes downwards to see what inspired Graham to write Satan’s Sorority.

Enjoy. TBBB. X

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