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Fox Spirit is 7Get stuck in! Includes my sexy noir novella EXTRICATE.

Remembering Sandra Seamans

A linchpin of the crime writing community, Sandra will be much missed.

K. A. Laity

The crime writing community was saddened to hear of the death of Sandra Seamans. In addition to her short story writing, her blog ‘My Little Corner’ was a one-stop conduit to calls for stories across a wide range of magazines, anthologies and flash fiction sites. It’s rare to meet someone who didn’t get at least one publication from something Sandra shared. It’s the kind of hard work that often goes unacknowledged — taken for granted because it is so useful.

Patti Abbott has been kind enough to start collecting some blog posts honouring Sandra’s memory. Here’s to her many kindnesses and graciousness to the community, though things had been difficult for her for a while.

I chose the cracking little story ‘Rabbit in a Trap’ which originally appeared at Powder Burn Flash. Give it a read and say a little thanks to Sandra for all she left us.

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Funny Little Frog @PunkNoirMag

After something of a dry spell I have a new short story out at Punk Noir Magazine, the DIY collective of writers and artists who just can’t (won’t) fit the mainstream. I suppose in the midst of promoting LOVE IS A GRIFT it’s absurd to say ‘dry spell’ but it was weird to realise that I hadn’t published a new short story since last year.

It’s been a weird year, but I think I’m back in the land of the living — though the landscape has changed.

‘Funny Little Frog’ of course was inspired in part by Belle & Sebastian’s song of the same title, which is a heartbreaking little tale of its own. I’m grateful to Mr B for poking me to actually listen to it. Forever on the brain jukebox now:

For a very short story, I managed to fit in another song reference:

But wait, there’s more (as the old advertisements say)! I fit a third reference in there because why write when you can steal?

Yeah, you might better know Elvis or Sir Tom but this is the first version I knew. Every note of this LP is seared on my memory. And I have duly added these songs to the list of Inspirations: Songs that Spawned Stories.

See, they’re not all Fall songs…


2019-04-23 09.15.38Winner of the big prize package is S. Naomi Scott. Check out her book reviews! Her fab review of LOVE IS A GRIFT can be found here:

This is modern, fast-paced, hard-hitting neo-noir doing exactly what it’s supposed to do and doing it remarkably well.

Thanks! Every review helps. Sometimes it wins a prize.


“Are authors expected to write plenty during the spring season?”

love-is-a-griftI’m taking part in one of the roundtables over at The Big Thrill this week. The topic is:

“Are authors expected to write plenty during the spring season?”

Drop by and offer your opinion and see what the other have to say.

How much do you write? Every day? Only on weekends? When the mood strikes?

Check out my interview in The Big Thrill newsletter, too.

Don’t forget: the big LOVE IS A GRIFT gift package is awaiting someone who reviews the book. Enter to win!

Black Lizard (1962) by Graham Wynd

If you’ve not seen this, DO!

Punk Noir Magazine

Screen Shot 1
I have a new favourite caper movie thanks to The Cultural Gutter’s Carol: Black Lizard (黒蜥蜴 Kurotokage) from 1962. Based on the novel by popular 30s mystery novelist Edogawa Rampo (AKA Taro Irai) the book was adapted for the stage by no less than Yukio Mishima himself  who appears in the 1968 film of the novel (see the fantastic write up at Die Danger Die Die Kill!) but the first versions directed by Umetsugu Inoue, who also directed films for the Shaw Brothers.
Screen Shot 2
Machiko Kyo (best known from Rashomon) plays the titular character, a criminal mastermind and master (mistress?) of disguise who’s intent on kidnapping gem heiress Sanae right from under her father’s eye. He’s hired self-proclaimed ‘best detective in Japan, Kogoro Akechi (Minoru Oki). Sounds pretty pedestrian, right? NO. Singing and dancing and cross-dressing and romance happen AND THEN MORE. Some of the twists you’ll guess…

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The Big Thrill: Love is a Grift


Over at ITW’s The Big Thrill I am profiled on my latest Fox Spirit release, Love is a Grift. Check it out!

Here’s a teaser:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

That love is a loser’s game. I say that as a person who has loved often if not always wisely. I am cautiously optimistic about life at the moment, but the past gives me a lot of material to work with.

Center Stage with Mick Rose

Interviewed by Mick Rose — check it out!

K. A. Laity

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 08.00.12

Drop over to Mick Rose’s blog for an interview with me/Graham Wynd about my latest crimes — SATAN’S SORORITY and LOVE IS A GRIFT (also be sure to check out the giveaways for the latter!).

It’s that crazy time of the semester but I hope to get pix up from PCA and from my jaunt to NYC with the QoE in the next couple of days. Certainly before I head off to Kazoo! But in the mean time, grading…

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Love is a Grift: Giveaway #3 THE BIG ONE!

2019-04-23 09.15.38
Check it! A super prize package that includes an XL t-shirt, travel mug, notebook, and sticker all emblazoned with S. L. Johnson’s wicked cool cover design for LOVE IS A GRIFT plus a free download of Victoria Squid’s theme song for the book. What do you have to do to win?

Review the book LOVE IS A GRIFT.

  1. Buy it or get it from the library (don’t steal it — crime belongs between the covers!) and offer your opinion at Amazon or Goodreads or on your blog (or some combination thereof).
  2. Tell me where your review can be found. Tweet the link to me or drop it below here in the comments.
  3. That’s it: you’re in the bin for the drawing which will be held May 15, 2019 before I change continents again.
  4. Open across the globe! I will verify the items have been mailed, but I cannot guarantee delivery by your mail service. They will be going out from the USPS to the address that you give me. Be sure to use the format they employ.

Love is a Grift Giveaway #2


UK folks! We have two paperback copies of LOVE IS A GRIFT and we’re giving them away on the Fox Spirit Books Farcebook Page. Go over there hit like (and why not like my page, too?!) then comment on the pinned post that you want it!

Fox Spirit Facebook Page

That’s it! Prizes drawn — probably by cats — on Tuesday April 23rd. And if you get a freebie, you’re going to review it, right? Because that’ll put you into the running for giveaway #3…