Song for a Saturday: Madonna of the Wasps – Robyn Hitchcock

Coming this Halloween, a neo-giallo serial magazine The Blood Red Experiment. My novella in slices takes its name from this song. An ancient knife, a bloody ritual and a killer obsessed with his queen: get ready for the Madonna of the Wasps and six more compelling thrillers.

Song for a Saturday: Suspiria

There are witches and then there are witches; the trope of making them acolytes of the devil persists, though my gals in Satan’s Sorority would never want to be confused with witches. Devil or no, one of the finest films in that vein is Dario Argento’s masterpiece Suspiria which features an equally legendary soundtrack by Goblin. If you’ve never indulged, I suggest you grab your black cat and sit down for a spell.

That’s what’s in my mind as I eagerly anticipate the Occult Humanities conference next weekend.

Saturday Swank: Screaming Mimi

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Frederic Brown’s novel The Screaming Mimi provided the jumping off point for Dario Argento’s The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, but there was also a 1958 film noir version with Anita Ekberg and Gypsy Rose Lee. I paid Hal the Bookie far too much for this years back, but I just had to have it.