Story for a Sunday: The Cabal

“The Cabal” from  Pulp Metal Magazine back in June of this year:

‘I’d kill for more reviews,’ Chris muttered, downing the dregs of his pint. In his head he calculated how much was left of the twenty he was meant to hold onto until Friday.

‘I’d sell my soul for more reviews,’  moaned Sandy. The bartender chuckled but no demon appeared in a puff of smoke at the summons.

‘But your books are so good. Don’t you have a bunch of five star reviews?’ Chris didn’t want to admit that he had long ago decided a four star wasn’t all that bad.

Sandy exhaled noisily. ‘I never get more than three of them though. The one novella I set to free? That one’s got seven. But no sales. People only want free stuff unless you’re famous…

Read the rest at Pulp Metal Magazine and take gander at the other stuff M. Michel has gathered there.

Now Reading: Satanic Panic

I helped fund this volume and it’s chock full of all kinds of material. Though mainly US-centric it hops the pond to for a chapter on the UK version intertwined with the hand-wringing over the video nasties and how Genesis P-Orridge was driven out of the country for a time, as well as heading down to Australia to look at the career of artist Rosaleen Norton.
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It’ll be handy for musing about the sequel to Satan’s Sorority!