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This is modern, fast-paced, hard-hitting neo-noir doing exactly what it’s supposed to do and doing it remarkably well.

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John Lange or Michael Crichton? Either way, YOU win!

Venom Business

Long before he wrote Jurassic Park, before he scripted movies like Twister and redefined medical dramas on television with the creation of E.R, Michael Crichton was an honours student at Harvard Medical School and writing crime dramas under the pen name of John Lange. Now, Hard Case Crime are reprinting all John Lange’s work for the first time in decades and with Crichton’s name on the covers for the first time. These re-releases had Crichton’s full blessing and he was even involved in the editing before his untimely death from cancer in 2008.

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The books in this John Lange collection are:

ODDS ON – The plan: to rob the Reina, a super-luxury hotel for the incredibly wealthy. The Crew: three seasoned criminals and a computer that has simulated the scheme down to the last variable. The complication: three beautiful women with their own agendas and the sort of variables a computer cannot fathom.

ZERO COOL – American radiologist Peter Ross just wanted a vacation. But when he meets the beautiful Angela on a Spanish beach, he somehow finds himself caught in murderous crossfire, racing to uncover a lost secret, before he becomes a victim.

THE VENOM BUSINESS – Charles Raynaud, expert handler of venomous snakes, is accustomed to danger. So the job of body-guarding should be easy. But when an attempt on his employers life nearly gets him killed, he has to wonder if he’s the target.

DRUG OF CHOICE – On a secret island in the Caribbean, bio-engineers have designed a holiday resort like no other promising the ultimate escape. But when Dr. Robert Clark investigates he finds Eden Island and its creators have a threatening secret.

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