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Drunk Antho 2020

Drunk on the Moon, that is! Get the all-star supernatural crime anthology that includes wolf-in-chief Paul D. Brazill and a host of luminous guests including me!

When a full moon fills the night sky, Private Investigator Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls The City’s neon and blood-soaked streets. Stories by Allan Leverone, K. A. Laity, Jason Michel, B R Stateham, Graham Wynd, Katherine Tomlinson, Julia Madeleine, John Donald Carlucci, Richard Godwin. Based on characters created by Paul D. Brazill.

41h9ghtvpulCan’t get enough of your favourite werewolf detective? You can get the original collection for FREE too, but act fast. ROMAN DALTON – WEREWOLF PI is howling at the ready.

When a full moon fills the night sky, Private Investigator Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls The City‘s neon and blood soaked streets. There are six Roman Dalton Yarns written by Paul D. Brazill in this short collection.

Don’t just take my word for it, read what the critics have said:

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Love is a Grift @foxspiritbooks

Here’s the official page at Fox Spirit: you can buy the ebook direct! The shiny print edition is out tomorrow…

And don’t forget the slinky theme song by Victoria Squid! Champagne and whisky…

AND you can get this sweet cover on a t-shirt thanks to artist S. L. Johnson.

Paladins: Linda Angel

Coming soon: Paladains – Stories for Henri charity anthology in support of Craig and Henrietta Furchtenicht and the Multiple Myeloma Foundation.

On the latest featured author, editor Aidan Thorn says:

What I’ve loved most about putting this collection together is the variety. Deathsmell from Linda Nagle is a quite brilliant piece that I’ve really enjoyed reading… Imagine if Dr Seuss wrote stories for adults with imaginative swearyness… That!

“…a shitsack scumbag pantshitter…”


See the trailer:

Pre-Order Protectors 2: Heroes

The wait’s almost over. The Protectors 2: Heroes e-book is now available for pre-order! The collection of the season for sure with such luminaries of the crime writing world as Joyce Carol Oates, David Morrell, Charles de Lint, Joelle Charbonneau, Hilary Davidson, Andrew Vacchs and of course editor Thomas Pluck.

The books are available for pre-order in e-book format from the Protectors Books website, here:

Readers can purchase direct (which generates the largest donation) or from e-tailers such as Amazon and Kobo (which allows you to buy through your favorite bookstore).

Look for the Protectors crew at Bouchercon!

Out Now: Bonkers in Phoenix

Rogue Bonkers in Phoenix

Get your Rogue on! Yes, the hard-hitting anthology of 22 killer tales is out now from Near to the Knuckle. Watch the trailer and check out the list of names included —

You find yourself on the wrong side of town. It’s late and your only option is to walk down a narrow pitch-black alley. Your heart is pounding. You’re sure that you can hear footsteps, but there’s no one in sight. The sound of soft feet approaching, is getting ever closer. You start to break into a jog. There’s a light at the end of the alley but suddenly a figure steps from the shadows. He is smartly dressed and smiling and yet you have a bad feeling about this. He reaches into his pocket…

Rogue the second anthology from the Near to the Knuckle website brings you a whole host of talent all bringing you their best stories featuring Rogues. This anthology was brought to you by this list of Rogues:
Gareth Spark, Tess Makovesky, Gabriel Valjan, Craig Furchtenicht, Paul Brazill, Richard Godwin, Aidan Thorn, Gary Duncan, Dave Jaggers, Walter Conley, Cal Marcius, T Maxim Simmler, Mark Cooper, Bill Baber, Robert Cowan, Ryan Bracha, Matt Mattila, Graham Wynd, Benedict J Jones, Liam Sweeny, Alan Griffiths and Keith Nixon

Buy it at Amazon US or UK. Listen to the Fall song that inspired my story.

Out Now: Don’t Call Me Darling #freeread

Graham Wynd 400Over at Near 2 the Knuckle, my tale of family woes and hard-boiled crime “Don’t Call Me Darling” is up:

Luke was breaking fingers for the boss when we got the call. I was mostly watching him because that was his job and talking was my job and the talk had already been done.

‘I’ll get you the money,’ Mr Irving screamed.



I looked over at Luke, a bullet-headed son of a gun that had seen too many Statham films and fancied himself an action star. Never mind Hollywood was a long way off, his shaved head was not sexy and he had the body of an indolent potato. He figured someone would discover his masculine pulchritude sooner or later. ‘Thursday good for you?’

Luke grunted. That was poetry from him.

‘I think the boss might find that acceptable.’ I dug the vibrating phone out of my pocket and answered. ‘Hey boss, he says—’

The boss cut me off. ‘Fiona’s on her way.’

‘The hell you say?’ I wasn’t one to doubt the boss, but I couldn’t quite take in the truth of the words all at once. You might as well have said Elvis was in town. If Elvis were back and gunning for the boss and anyone who stood in the way.

‘Yeah, it’s her—hell on wheels. I want a welcoming committee, chop chop.’

To say the boss was stingy with words would not have been an understatement, but few words were needed at a time like this. I put the phone back in my pocket. ‘Let’s go.’

Luke looked all disappointed like a kid who’d been promised a puppy for Christmas, then got a bunch of underwear and socks. That and he just liked breaking things. I think it was the sound. He was a bit of a connoisseur. Whether he preferred the snap of the bones or the shrieks of the business associates, it would be hard to say. He gave me the big cartoon sad eyes and opened his mouth to complain.

I knew what would stop him. ‘Fiona’s coming.’

He was all business after that, dropping Mr Irving to the floor where the man moaned and cried, then slipping his discarded jacket back onto his own gorilla shoulders. For the umpteenth time I wondered where they hell Luke bought his suits, but as usual it wasn’t the time to ask. ‘Let’s go.’
But turns out we were too late….

Read the rest at Near 2 the Knuckle!

Read the German version over at Pulpcore!