Coming Soon: You Left Your Biscuit Behind

New crime coming atcha soon: from Fox Spirit Books it’s You Left Your Biscuit Behind. Here’s a teaser from my noir story with a twist, “Elf Prefix”:


Yes, of course that title’s a nod to a Fall song. Did you expect any less?

Reviewed: Missing Monarchs


Kate Coe reviews the Fox Pockets collection Missing Monarchs with some kind words about my story ‘Headless in Bury’:

The anthology starts with Headless in Bury, a fun hardboiled detective investigation crossed with Viking mythology that has a nice twist at the end.

Check it out for more praise for the Fox Spirit skulk. Good to get some reviews.


Coming: Pulpcore

Brush up your Deutsche sprach with some of the premiere names in horror und crime. Coming soon from Pulpcore, die anthologie wird sein kostenlos! Drop by Facebook to give them a like, schnell.

Includes my Fall-inspired story ‘Nenn’ mich nicht Liebling’ AKA ‘Don’t Call Me Darling’ from Cerebral Caustic. Not sure if the stories will be in both languages. I shall investigate.

Coming Soon: Paladins

About the end of February there will be a new anthology put together by Aidan Thorn to honour of the courage of Henrietta Furchtenicht. These gritty stories have one other thing in common: they’re all about people who step up to the fight because they see someone in need. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to Myeloma Foundation.

From Henrietta’s foreword:

A few years ago I would have never imagined myself writing these words on the night before Christmas 2015. When my oncologist first diagnosed me with Multiple Myeloma in June of 2012 he only gave me 6 months to live. I was already in the last stage of this rare form of blood cancer that attacks the plasma cells found in the bone marrow. At the time of my diagnosis I had seven broken ribs on my left side. He told me that there was no cure for my type of cancer. We could only treat it to the point of remission with high doses of chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. This is when I was first introduced to Dr. Guido Tricot, the finest oncologist that Belgium has ever produced. He has kept me alive, though at times I thought he was trying to kill me in the process…

Table of Contents

Foreword – Henrietta Furchtenicht
Heir to the Throne – Keith Nixon
Jabs and Uppercuts – Jason Beech
Free Fall – Bill Baber
Strangers in Vegas – Aidan Thorn
Regarding Henri – Darren Sant
Uncle Jim – Ryan Bracha
The Caller – Cal Marcius
Deathsmell – Linda Angel
Pass the Parcel – Robert Cowan
Then Tommy Came Home – Craig Furchtenicht
The Burned Earth – Gareth Spark
Take My Pain – Matt Mattila
Inevitable – Graham Wynd (Kate Laity)
Low and Outside – Christopher Davis
Balancing the Scales – Dave Jaggers
Back in the Day – Gabriel Valjan

My story ‘Inevitable’ is a creepy tale of nuisance neighbours that gets more and more dangerous as the hours pass by and the vengeance escalates. Yes, of course it’s also a Fall song title.

In the coming days I’ll give some more teasers of what’s in store from this great slate of writers, writing from the heart — and kicking you in the gut.


Sounds for a Saturday: Grotesque read by Darren Sant

Near 2 the Knuckle & Gritfiction honcho Darren Sant reads my Fall-inspired tale of mayhem, Grotesque. Check out his new line of audio recordings.

TOA/V: It’s Not Repetition, It’s Discipline + I’ll Be Your Mirror

The Fall Definitive Documentary

The filmmakers admit the subtitle was added by the record company who put out the DVD and not something they aimed to do (and believe me, it’s not). This is a fan-made doco, filmed in bits over twelve years and then edited together. Other than footage of the band, you will not see a female face. Hardcore male fans who are interested only in other hardcore fans and ‘experts’ who look like themselves. It’s a bit curious in a band that has always had women in it (at one point Mark E. Smith was the only male in the band) the fandom is staggeringly male, to the point that Fall gigs are about the only concerts where there’s no line at the ladies.

The interviews that are here are sometimes interesting, Rollins in particular. Grant Showbiz offers some interesting behind-the-scenes tales. The ‘rare’ Mark E. Smith interview is the usual cat-and-mouse event that amuses the long time fans and probably confuses those unfamiliar with the jester-in-chief of the band.

The DVD will probably suit hardcore fans. It’s not something that will win over any new fans except those already destined to join the fold whether they know it or not.

Ill Be Your Mirror

Una Baines / Keith McDougall

I contributed to the campaign to publish this comics memoir and I could not be happier. Baines who was in The Fall, played with Nico and as well as founding The Fates and Poppycock, has a rich bounty of experiences to share. Her story’s beginning makes for a fascinating snapshot of the 1970s in Manchester. McDougall’s art has a kind of vintage underground/alt comics vibe (in the vein of Roberta Gregory, Mary Fleener and Carol Lay). Baines’ perception of the limits of her religious upbringing and her introduction to feminism and rock-n-roll come alive in the pages with both a charming sense of innocence and the dangerous power of true awakening.

Then one day a strange man walks into her life at a fair and she finds a partner in adventure. They share music and discuss politics and in a wonderfully drawn sequence, drop acid together.

This comic is such a delight and the best part is the last page says “To be continued” — and I certainly hope so as this will be a terrific memoir to enjoy for fans of music, Manchester, women, comics, revolutionary spirits and all.

See also: Furia by Fates

Catch up with all the overlooked A/V at Todd’s blog.

Life Just Bounces into Bouchercon!

Murder Under the Oaks-200x300I am delighted to say my story ‘Life Just Bounces’ for has been selected for the upcoming Bouchercon anthology Murder Under the Oaks. Plus editor Art Taylor added, “Let me say how much I adored your story!”

Woot! I originally wrote this as a short play and when reminded by Thomas Pluck of the fast-approaching deadline for the anthology, hastily rewrote it as a short story. I still think it would great fun for performance. It made me laugh!

Yes, of course I looted another Fall song title:

See the full table of contents at Down & Out Books so you too can be gobsmacked (seriously, what company to be amongst!) and order a copy if you’re of a mind to do so.

See you at Bouchercon!

Out Now: Bonkers in Phoenix

Rogue Bonkers in Phoenix

Get your Rogue on! Yes, the hard-hitting anthology of 22 killer tales is out now from Near to the Knuckle. Watch the trailer and check out the list of names included —

You find yourself on the wrong side of town. It’s late and your only option is to walk down a narrow pitch-black alley. Your heart is pounding. You’re sure that you can hear footsteps, but there’s no one in sight. The sound of soft feet approaching, is getting ever closer. You start to break into a jog. There’s a light at the end of the alley but suddenly a figure steps from the shadows. He is smartly dressed and smiling and yet you have a bad feeling about this. He reaches into his pocket…

Rogue the second anthology from the Near to the Knuckle website brings you a whole host of talent all bringing you their best stories featuring Rogues. This anthology was brought to you by this list of Rogues:
Gareth Spark, Tess Makovesky, Gabriel Valjan, Craig Furchtenicht, Paul Brazill, Richard Godwin, Aidan Thorn, Gary Duncan, Dave Jaggers, Walter Conley, Cal Marcius, T Maxim Simmler, Mark Cooper, Bill Baber, Robert Cowan, Ryan Bracha, Matt Mattila, Graham Wynd, Benedict J Jones, Liam Sweeny, Alan Griffiths and Keith Nixon

Buy it at Amazon US or UK. Listen to the Fall song that inspired my story.

Coming Soon: Bonkers in Phoenix

Rogue Bonkers in PhoenixI’m joining the illustrious gang of miscreants involved in the new anthology ROGUE from Near to the Knuckle. It includes many luminaries like my pal Paul D. Brazill, Tess Makovesky, Gareth Spark, Aidan Thorn and others. Check out the page for more name-dropping. As the title suggests, I have two wild rogues who go a bit off the deep end in the desert.

I’ve had a couple of stories appear at the site (Don’t Call Me Darling and Just Waiting) so I’m chuffed to be in the anthology. And yes, a trifecta of Fall song titles. May the gods bless Mark E. Smith.