Cover Reveal: Satan’s Sorority

Behold the luminosity! Out October 13th from Number Thirteen Press, it’s Satan’s Sorority. Those devilish girls of Sigma Tau Nu — there’s simply nothing they won’t do!

“Forbidden books? Necromantic rites? Queer Sorority girls? I’m pledging Sigma Tau Nu!” — Carol Borden, Evil Overlord of The Cultural Gutter

“Seemingly sweet sorority sisters serve up sexy satanic surprises.” — S. L. Johnson

“I want to join Satan’s Sorority.” – Julie Beman, Professional Pollyanna & member of Chica Non Grata

Number 13

Review: When the Music’s Over by Aidan Thorn

Aidan Thorn
Number 13 Press

“Benny had taken his first life. That meant he’d thrown away what was left of his, too. He’d known that the moment he decided Harry Weir had to die.”

When Benny Gower murders his business partner few people doubt his good reasons for doing so. Unlike Benny, it’s not as if Harry Weir was popular. But he was the heir to Birmingham’s most violent and dangerous criminal organisation.

For Wynn McDonald, dragged out of retirement for the sake of his old gangland accomplices, motive doesn’t matter. All he cares about is tracking down the nightclub manager turned killer. But before Wynn can extract necessary vengeance he’ll need to turn over every stone on his way to finding answers. And not everybody’s going to be happy with the truths that come crawling out.

Thorn’s novella rips along with action from the first page: we follow first time killer Benny Gower and seasoned killer Wynn McDonald in alternating chapters, then jump back to the past to see where the bad blood started. I don’t think the Birmingham tourist bureau is going to be clapping Thorn on the back any time soon, but he brings the city to vivid (albeit criminal) life.

There’s a little bit of head hopping in the ’90s section but it’s not much of a distraction because Thorn captures the hungry band on the edge of success so well. Even the aged and jaded hired gun finds himself captivated by the secrets of the past — and the brutal payoffs they set in motion.

Great fun, a meaty read but still short enough to read fairly quickly — which is good because once you start, you won’t want to stop until you get to the end.

Out in October: Satan’s Sorority

Satan LesbianMark October 13th on your calendar! It’s the day SATAN’S SORORITY will be spawned from Number 13 Press. Yes, I am pleased to announce that my influenced-by-those-60s-and-70s-satanic-panic-films novella has been chosen to be one of the lucky thirteen — and the Halloween release at that.

I had a wicked lot of fun writing this (thanks to Mr B for nudging me to finally get around to it). I even have ideas for a sequel (not everyone survives that long though). Here’s the skinny:

The devilish girls of Sigma Tau Nu
There’s simply nothing they wouldn’t do —

It’s 1958: Sandra DeLites gets packed off to college in Connecticut after an ‘incident’ with another girl. Her father thinks a small town university will be just the thing to get her to straighten up and fly right, but he never counted on the sisters of Sigma Tau Nu. President Trixie Faust sees a lot of potential for Sandra and asks her to pledge. Rush week is nothing like the brochures say. Their rites are bloody and the girls are hot—but not for the boys! Halloween is going to be extra scary this year. Forget black cats: You don’t want one of these sisters to cross your path.

Get the first nine Number 13 novellas here and see what people have been saying about them. I’ve got a plan to write about some of the films that filled up my memory bank all those years ago, so look forward to a lot of sexy satanic dames!

Out Now: EXTRICATE, a noir novella

extricate ebook 72ppiExtricate

by Graham Wynd

Love hurts…but that’s the way she likes it.

EXTRICATE is a violent tale of sexual obsession, unfolding on the dark streets of a nowhere town. Peter falls for Judy the instant he lights her cigarette, but she’s his best mate’s girl — and he’s already married. He decides to begin removing obstacles — starting with his wife. How far will he be willing to go? How far does lifelong friendship go when he finally meets the woman of his peculiar dreams?

‘EXTRICATE is a twisty- turny noir tale of dishonor amongst thieves that is skewered with hot lust and cold blooded murder.’

Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton and Gumshoe

‘Crime meets erotica in a fevered novella. Graham Wynd has written a fluid and tight story with vivid characters in situations that are inextricably charged with a sexuality from which you will find it hard to extricate yourself.’

Richard Godwin, author of One Lost SummerApostle Rising and Mr Glamour

Cover art by Sarah Langton
Published by Fox Spirit Books

Trailer for EXTRICATE

Here it is — the trailer for the new noir novella from Fox Spirit Books, EXTRICATE. It gives you the gist of the story along with some moody music.

Give it a like and feel free to share.

Cover Reveal: Extricate

extricate ebook 72ppi

I am so very pleased to share the cover art for my noir novella Extricate which will be out next month from Fox Spirit Books. This delicious art is by the wonderful Sarah Langton, who has also produced the very fine series of Fox Pocket anthologies (my story “Headless in Bury” will be in a forthcoming volume, Missing Monarchs).

The essence of superb cover art is that it conveys the complicated idea of the plot and the ambivalence of the story in a single static image. I could not be much happier than when I gaze upon this loveliness.

And yes, the title was inspired by The Fall. Of course. Funny thing: I wrote this last year over the Thanksgiving holiday while I was in NY. Being useless in the kitchen, I only had to entertain the chef while typing away surreptitiously.