Review: The Neon Moon

Neon Moon
The Neon Moon
A Roman Dalton Anthology
Ed. Paul D. Brazill
Blackwitch Press

Another fistful of fun from Blackwitch Press. A bunch of terrific writers run away with Paul D. Brazill‘s werewolf detective Roman Dalton and the dark madness of The City. Matt Hilton brings ‘Booze and Ooze’ while Vincent Zandri takes on ‘Full Moonlight’. ‘Chances Are’ you’ll enjoy Carrie Clevenger’s fresh take on the old cop tale. Ponzi schemes from JJ Toner, darkness from Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw and wild times from Chris Rhatigan, Ben Sobieck and Ben Lelièvre. The lad himself rounds out the collection with ‘The Brain Salad Murders.’ Spend a night with the werewolf detective and you’ll never be the same again — and who’d want to be?

Na zdrowia!


Rogue: Richard Godwin

The next rogue up is a familiar one: Mr Glamour himself, Richard Godwin.

1. Who’s your Rogue?

Doing Prince is full of rogues: Mandy, the female protagonist is an art thief and a stripper who gets mixed up with gangster Gary and a man in tight shorts called Nelson as well as the gangster’s wife, Lucy who swings both ways. It’s a predatory world in which Gary, who thinks he is Prince, hires Mandy to steal a painting by Cecily Brown, Sweetie. When she nicks an Emin by mistake she realises she is part of a set up and Gary wants her to strip to Prince’s song Cream for him, but Mandy has other ideas.

2. What crime would you really want to get away with?

The theft of a Caravaggio. [Ooh, good one!]

3. What author can’t you do without?

Among the living, James Lee Burke.

4. What movie best captures the criminal life?

No Country For Old Men. Of course it captures a lot more than that.

5. Are you a criminal mastermind or just a mild-mannered dreamer?

As Gary says to Mandy,

‘You’ve disappointed me, so you can do a little strip for me, you could even work at one of my clubs. Nelson said what you got between your legs looks like a sliced peach, have you ever seen his kitchen?’



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Out Now: Bonkers in Phoenix

Rogue Bonkers in Phoenix

Get your Rogue on! Yes, the hard-hitting anthology of 22 killer tales is out now from Near to the Knuckle. Watch the trailer and check out the list of names included —

You find yourself on the wrong side of town. It’s late and your only option is to walk down a narrow pitch-black alley. Your heart is pounding. You’re sure that you can hear footsteps, but there’s no one in sight. The sound of soft feet approaching, is getting ever closer. You start to break into a jog. There’s a light at the end of the alley but suddenly a figure steps from the shadows. He is smartly dressed and smiling and yet you have a bad feeling about this. He reaches into his pocket…

Rogue the second anthology from the Near to the Knuckle website brings you a whole host of talent all bringing you their best stories featuring Rogues. This anthology was brought to you by this list of Rogues:
Gareth Spark, Tess Makovesky, Gabriel Valjan, Craig Furchtenicht, Paul Brazill, Richard Godwin, Aidan Thorn, Gary Duncan, Dave Jaggers, Walter Conley, Cal Marcius, T Maxim Simmler, Mark Cooper, Bill Baber, Robert Cowan, Ryan Bracha, Matt Mattila, Graham Wynd, Benedict J Jones, Liam Sweeny, Alan Griffiths and Keith Nixon

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Coming Soon: The Wrong Crowd by Richard Godwin

Coming very soon from Down & Out:

THE WRONG CROWD by Richard Godwin

Claude meets Maxine knee-deep in the Caribbean and knows he’d do anything to make her his: anything. But keeping her means raising the stakes: cash, guns, gangsters and a return to his bad old habits. Will there be enough of him left to keep her by the time he’s through? Godwin makes The Wrong Crowd lethally sexy—which makes this story just right.

Gloves Off for the Rogues!

Gloves Off FINAL4.0The Rogue anthology will be punching its way into the world very soon, but there’s still time to catch up with Near to the Knuckle’s first anthology of hard-hitting tales, Gloves Off. It’s got some of my favourite writers, so you know there’s quality in those pages. Here’s the scoop:

Gloves Off is a collection of dark stories from the cream of the literary crop. These stories have one thing in common: they will come at you, all guns blazing. There’s a story lurking down every dark alley. Just when your back is turned a plot-twist is ready to attack. The stories in this anthology are mainly crime, but there is also grim humour and the supernatural; dark tales for an adult audience featuring hit men, mobsters, bikers and stalkers. Are you prepared for the bloody scenes within? This anthology was spawned from the dark, talented minds of: Gareth Spark, Richard Godwin, Paul D. Brazill, Aidan Thorn, Pete Sortwell, B.R. Stateham Brian Panowich, Ryan Sayles, Chris Leek, David Barber, Vic Errington, Graham Smith, Walter Conley, Tom Pitts, Allen Miles, Jim Spry, Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw, Mike Monson, Alan Griffiths.

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Out Now: Paranoia and the Destiny Programme by Richard Godwin

The Dark Lord returns!

Godwin has his finger on the pulse of modern male anxiety, which both desires and distrusts the lure of sex while it longs for the release of wild violence. His greatest fear is that he will become what he most hates. Imagine Angela Carter’s New Eve developing Cronenberg’s body horror as the whole world spirals into Philip K. Dick’s psychotic abyss and you might be able to picture the weird adventure Godwin drags you into here. You will never be the same.


‘I see no butterfly wings in the Rorschach test, but a mountain of bones.’ So says Dale Helix, who is convinced he is being abducted by a shadowy group of rulers called The Assembly. He claims they have programmed him to kill. International novelist Richard Godwin’s latest title is set in a dystopian city, and is an exploration of totalitarianism, paranoia and social engineering in a society where it is impossible to gauge the truth. The aim of the programme is to study the link between serial killers and dictators in order to clone the ideal dictator. And the Assembly are engineering a new gender. Is Dale insane or is his paranoia a key to a hidden truth?

Out now from Black Jackal Books.

Review: Meaningful Conversations by Richard Godwin

If JG Ballard and Angela Carter played a game of Chinese Whispers with Anaïs Nin and William Burroughs, it might end up something like Richard Godwin‘s latest release — a wild and surreal ride that veers from cold horror to steamy kink and offers a unique satire of modern life in bizarre form. Whatever you want to call it, you won’t put it down until you finish it.

Meaningful Conversations out soon from Noir Nation manages to surprise not only because it openly defies any acknowledgement of genre conventions but also because it still uses our expectations to lead us up to the wrong doors and then fling them open, leaving us startled.

Every time I thought I knew where the story was going, I was wrong.

This is satire of the most biting variety, a cold dissection of modern, privileged people coddled by their privileges — remote, unfeeling except for their own minor sufferings, greedy and callous. If that sounds too rough, consider also that Godwin’s dry wit makes the lacerations — if not enjoyable — vastly entertaining and absolutely riveting. And like no other book he’s written. I love surprises, even when they are as cruel as this one sometimes can be — mad, bad and dangerous.

Just how it ought to be.

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