ToC: Protectors 2 – Heroes

Damned pleased to be part of this: great cause, great writers and a great guy behind it all, Thomas Pluck. Coming in September, it’s got a jaw-dropping assemblage:

When!? by Linda Sarah

The Questions by Alison Arngrim

City Water by Allison Glasgow

Black and White and Red All Over by David Morrell

Silvia Reyes by P.J. Ward

Plan B by Andrew Vachss

Gatekeeper by Richard Prosch

The Night Watch by Susan Schorn

One Night in Brownsville by Gary Phillips

Silverfish by S.J. Rozan

Parental Guidance by Scott Adlerberg

Superhero, With Crooked Nails by Rachael Acks

Angel by Terrence McCauley

Mr. Nance by Linda Rodriguez

Something I Said by Bracken MacLeod

El Puente by Rios de la Luz

Mesquite by Graham Wynd

Level 5 by C.R. Jahn

On the Road to La Grange by Karina Cooper

The Whistler in the Graveyard by Chad Eagleton (illustration by Dyer Wilk)

Solar Highway by S.A. Solomon

Jibber Jabber by Reed Farrel Coleman

Doll: A Poem by Jyl Anais Ion (illustrations by Jyl Anais Ion)

Doggone Justice by Joe R. Lansdale

The Occasion of the Black Mirror by Teel James Glenn

Sister Cecilia by Hilary Davidson

Croatoan by Harlan Ellison®

Little Howl on the Prairie by Thomas Pluck

Things Held Dear by Neliza Drew

49 Foot Woman Straps It On by Laird Barron

Moon Over the Midwest by Elizabeth Amber Love

Sixth Floor by Albert Tucher

Adamsville by Clare Toohey

Point of View by Will Graham

High Meadow Storm by Wayne Dundee

Out of Context by Joelle Charbonneau

Lone by Alex Segura (illustrations by Dennis Calero)

Love and Valour on ‘the Victorian Titanic’ by Gill Hoffs

Just Pretend by Martyn Waites

Freak by Charles de Lint

The New Heroes of the Old Fairgrounds by K.L. Pereira

When the Hammer Comes Down by Josh Stallings

Stretching Fifteen by Angel Luis Colón

Bounty by Jerry Bloomfield

Reprisals: Enmity by John A. Curley

Light-Bringer by Laura K. Curtis

Hercules and the Spawn of the Titans by Michael A. Black

How to Paint Your Dragon by Andrew D’Apice

Don’t Fear the Ripper by Holly West

Two Views by Tim Daly

A Hundred Pearls by Errick Nunnally

Snapshots by Christopher Irvin

Deceit by Joyce Carol Oates

The Perfect Weapon by Zak Mucha

An Open Letter to the Children of the Secret by Dionysios Dionou

Behavior is Truth by Gwyndyn T. Alexander

Pigeons for Protect! by Linda Sarah

Coming Soon: Mesquite in Protectors 2

I’m pleased as can be to say I’ve just signed a contract to have my story ‘Mesquite’ appear in the forthcoming anthology edited by Thomas Pluck, tentatively titled Protectors 2: Heroes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.28.59 AM
Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.29.15 AM

You’re probably familiar with the first Protectors anthology, a cracking read with illustrious folk like Ken Bruen, George Pelecanos, Andrew Vachss, Joe R. Lansdale, Charles de Lint, Chet Williamson, James Reasoner, Charlie Stella, Michael A. Black, Wayne Dundee, Roxane Gay, Ray Banks, Tony Black, Les Edgerton and others. As in the first book, all proceeds will go to serve Protect, a bipartisan pro-child, anti-crime lobby whose sole focus is making the protection of children a top political and policy priority at the national, state and local levels.

My tale kicks off in Texas with two old friends and a new problem. It surprised me how much of my time in that state came back vividly. The recent news stories about flooding brought a lot of it back. I can’t say I miss it, but at least I found some use for the memories.

Looking forward to this fall!