Love is a Grift Satan's Sorority by Graham Wynd  extricate ebook 72ppi  Pulpcore Paladins 

Love is a Grift. Novella + short stories. Fox Spirit Books: March 2019 (includes theme song!)

One woman, four cities—and a string of bodies in her wake.

How does obsession begin? For one hit man it starts with a target he just can’t kill. She leads him on a crime spree across Europe. With every step he’s in deeper. Each crime binds them together like a vow and only death can part them.

But will it be his—or hers?

Sex, death and crime: the essentials of noir. Love is A Grift and the other stories in this volume offer a fresh take on the classic genre that begins with obsession and often ends in death.

See why reviewers are saying, ‘GRAHAM WYND IS SOLID PULP GOODS!’

Satan’s Sorority. Novella. Fahrenheit 13 Press: May 2018.

Extricate/Throw The Bones. Fox Spirit Books, 2013.


“The Click of the Shutting.” Short story. Punk Noir Magazine: 1 May 2020.

“Pick Up.” Short story. Bristol Noir E-Zine: 13 Apr 2020.

“The Ghost in You: 2.” Serial chapter. Punk Noir Magazine: 29 Mar 2020.

“Kiss with a Fist.” Reprint. Punk Noir Magazine: 16 Mar 2020.

“The FU School of Writing School.” Manifesto. Punk Noir Magazine: 17 Feb 2020.

“The Ghost in You: 1.” Serial chapter. Punk Noir Magazine: 31 Jan 2020.

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“Barely Crimbo.” Poem. Punk Noir Magazine. 24 Dec 2019.

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“Funny Little Frog.” Short story. Punk Noir Magazine. 22 May 2019.

“Tell-Tale.” Short story. Punk Noir Magazine. 31 Dec 2018.

“Rebellious Jukebox.” Short story. Punk Noir Magazine. 6 Nov 2018.

“Bonnie & Clyde.” Short story. Close to the Bone. 9 Oct 2018.

“These Toys are for Tough Boys.” Short story. Retreats from Oblivion. 14 Aug 2018.

Satan’s Sorority. Novella. Fahrenheit 13 Press: May 2018.

“I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star.” Short story. Pulp Metal Magazine, 17 Mar 2018.

“Madonna of the Wasps: Ch 5 – Wasps.” The Blood Red Experiment vol 5, 28 Feb 2018.

“Madonna of the Wasps: Ch 4 – Flies.” The Blood Red Experiment vol 4, 31 Jan 2018.

“Do Anything You Wanna Do.” Spelk: 29 Dec 2017.

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“These Toys are for Tough Boys.” Featured short story., 5 Feb 2017.

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“Smallbany.” Short story. Free promotional story for Drag Noir from Fox Spirit Books. Oct 2014.

“Don’t Call Me Darling.” Short story. Near 2 the Knuckle. Sep 2014.

“Nenn’ mich nicht Liebling.” Short story. Pulpcore: 22 Aug 2014.

“The Tender Trap.” Flash fiction. Exiles: An Outsider Anthology.Blackwitch Press: Jun 2014.

Extricate. Novella. Fox Spirit Books: February 2014. Ebook: Also collected in paperback with the novella Throw the Bones and a dozen short stories.

“Kiss Like a Fist.” Noir Nation 3 (October 2013).

“Losing My Religion.” Kwik Krimes. Ed. Otto Penzler. Thomas & Mercer: Sep 2013. 269-273.

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“Guide Me Soft.” Flash fiction. Shotgun Honey: 2 Oct 2012.

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“Biscuits.” Flash fiction. Short Humour, May 2012. Also available at Postcard Shorts, May 2012.

“Chickens.” Short story. ACTION: Pulse Pounding Tales Vol 1. Ed. Matt Hilton: May 2012: Amazon US/UK.

“Horse Clock.” Short story. Burning Bridges: A Renegade Fiction Anthology. Ed. Heath Lowrance. Renegade: April 2012. Free at Smashwords / 99¢ at Amazon: 100% of authors’ proceeds will be donated to Literacy for Incarcerated Teens.

“Bill is Dead.” Flash fiction. Pulp Metal Magazine, Spring 2012.

“It’s a Curse.” Short story. Drunk on the Moon: A Roman Dalton Anthology. Ed. Paul D. Brazill. Dark Valentine Press April 2012. Available as an ebook or in print.

“Mandrake Anthrax.” Short story. A Twist of Noir, 14 Dec 2011.

“And It Felt Like a Kiss.” Flash fiction. Blink|Ink 8 (Sep 2011): 13.

“A Charming Situation.” Short story. Written for the Sherlocking fan site: now free on Scribd (Nov 2010).

“Fear and Loathing in Deptford.” Short story. Women’s League of Ale Drinkers 1 (Oct 2010): 29-40. Reprinted at the World SF Blog (Feb 2012).

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“A Case of Dead Faces.” Short story. Nocturnal Illuminations. Ed. Kerry Morgan. Pagan Imagination (Jan 2010): 73-84.

[includes stories written both as “Graham Wynd” and as K. A. Laity]

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