Song for a Saturday: I Put a Spell on You

Inevitable, really. From the iconic to the interesting, a song that resists any attempt to tame it. What’s your favourite version? If you pledge Sigma Tau Nu, you might hear it a few times around the sorority house…


5 thoughts on “Song for a Saturday: I Put a Spell on You

  1. There’s a Nick Cave version from the 80s I’ve got on a cassette somewhere but have never heard again – my memory is it’s pretty wild, but that may just be my memory…

  2. I’m surprise Samantha Fish isn’t even more popular than she is, but a shitload of hipsters (much like a murder of crows) love to catechize at each other about how all blues sux, particularly if performed middle-aged or younger whites. Or Robert Cray. Or anyone they think they can get by with smearing. I’ll leave them to Rufus Wainwright’s whiny croaking and get back to what I enjoy…and trying to keep my ears open (RW might even slip up and record something decent eventually–certainly there’s talent in the family gene pool).

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